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I Don't Drink Because....

  1. I donít want a beer gut.
  2. Iíve seen my friends do stupid things.
  3. Beer games are dumb.
  4. People always act so obnoxious.
  5. Iím trying to lose some weight.
  6. Itís hard to keep your grades up if youíre always partying.
  7. My dad was an alcoholic and I saw what it did to him and to us.
  8. I hate hangovers.
  9. I hate finding out the next day what crazy thing I did last night.
  10. I made out with someone I normally wouldnít even talk to.
  11. I donít like how it tastes.
  12. Iím afraid that I might become addicted.
  13. I got better places to put my money.
  14. I gotta keep a clear head for my kids.
  15. Iím trying to stay in shape.
  16. I heard that it can be bad for your liver if you drink too much.
  17. Itís against my religion.
  18. It messes with my head .
  19. I just donít want to.
  20. I donít see the fun in puking.
  21. I have seen what it does to my friends.

Add your "I donít drink becauseÖ" statement to our list by sending it to wellness@uic.edu, with the subject line ďI donít drink becauseÖĒ

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