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Drinking and Men

Okay guys, it’s time for some straight talk. We know that partying with your friends is a way to have fun, meet girls, and show the other guys that you can match them drink for drink. For some guys drinking large amounts, more then 2 drinks an hour, shows others how much of a man they are. Cause only wimps play it safe and drink responsibly or not at all. Right? Wrong…oh so wrong.

Drinking responsibly or not drinking at all is smart but it’s hard for guys to do. It’s hard because, even more than women, there is a lot of peer pressure put on you to drink heavy and to drink often. If you don’t then your manhood is called into question, with taunts like, “You mama’s boy.” At some point you are going to have to decide who is in charge of your decisions – your friends or YOU. When you decide to take a stand and do the right thing your way, it won’t be easy, but in the end you truly will be the better men. And you’ll definitely be better off than the guy whose puking his guts out.

If you want help on how to steer clear of peer pressure clink on the link in this Beer Free Zone called. “What to say if someone is trying to force you to take a drink or play a drinking game.” Meanwhile check out some of the effects of drinking on men.

Physical Effects

Drinking and Men

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