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Party Safety 101


  1. Know who is at your party. Be careful about letting friends of friends of friends into your home. At some point this friend of a friend of a friend is really a stranger.
  2. If youíre serving alcohol make sure that everyone at your party is over 21. Saying that you were keeping minors away from the alcohol doesnít work. You can still get busted for serving them. How do you make this happen? Card people at the door. Donít take their word for it.
  3. Keep your neighbors happy by keeping down the noise. Too much noise usually means that you may find the police knocking on your door.
  4. If you really care about your friends make sure that if a group drives in together that one of them is a designated driver. Yeah this can be sort of a drag but so is going to your friendís funeral.
  5. According to Illinoisí Social Host Law you can be held financially responsible for damages to property and people. So have fun but donít let things get out of control.
  6. Keep an eye on how much people are drinking. If a friend is at a point where s/he is losing control itís time to step in and cut them off. Why? Usually when people start losing control it only gets worse and this is the point in time where they end up hurting themselves, hurting someone else, or getting hurt by a so called friend.
  7. Let your friends know that itís okay if they donít want to drink. Have some non-alcoholic alternatives on hand like fruit juice or pop. This also gives partiers an alternative to switch to when theyíve had too much to drink.
  8. Instead of using the huge 22 ounce plastic cups help your friends stay in control by using the smaller 12 ounce cups.
  9. Donít forget to have some snacks on hand. Eating wonít keep your guests from getting drunk but it will slow down how quickly alcohol is absorbed into their system.
  10. Steer clear of having drinking games at your party. Why? Because partiers get so caught up in the competition they drink way more than they normally would. When that happens binge drinking, alcohol poisoning, and an out of control party are just around the corner.

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