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Drinking and Women

Okay ladies, itís time for some straight talk. We know that partying with the guys is a way to get their attention, have fun, and show them that we can match them drink for drink

Drinking and women

Iím sorry to have to tell you this, but drinking while female has many drawbacks. If you drink moderately, meaning one drink per hour and/or no more then one drink per day, then youíre okay.

But when youíre drinking too much in a short period of time or drinking too much every day it catches up with you in a bad way. In fact, in some areas of your life and health, drinking can hit women harder then men. For example, having more than 2 or more drinks a day has been connected to increased risk for breast cancer. Drinking too much alcohol can also make you do things you wouldnít normally do (like make out with a guy you donít know very well) and make you more vulnerable to physical or sexual attack.

So watch out! Drinking safely is not dumb or boring. Itís the smart way to have fun and not have to deal with the consequences of one alcohol induced bad idea for the rest of your life.

If you want help on how to steer clear of peer pressure click on the link in this Beer Free Zone called ďWhat to say if someone is trying to force you to take a drink or play a drinking game.Ē

Meanwhile check out some of the effects of drinking on women:

Physical Effects

Possible Sexual and Physical Consequences

Social Effects

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