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Does the Wellness Center provide these services over the summer?
Can I get a physical from your office or another office on campus?
Do you offer anger management classes?

QUESTION: Hi, I was wondering if the Wellness Center provides these FREE services in the summer until the beginning of the fall semester? Also, does the UIC Family Medicine Center provide the same free services to students during the weeks in between the spring finals and the beginning of the summer semester? If not, what is the starting date of coverage during the summer semester? Thanks for your time!

ANSWER: Our office will be open throughout the summer and all the services will continue to be free. There will be times when we will need to close for meetings, but, in general, we will be open from 8:45 - 4:45pm Monday - Fridays.

For services and coverage during this time for Family Medicine, please contact them by phone at 312.996.2901.

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QUESTION: Would I be able to get a physical from your office or any health center in UIC?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, we do not offer clinical services here in our office. We would recommend you contact Family Medicine on the West side of campus; they should be able to help you schedule an appointment for a physical. Their phone number is 312.996.2901.

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QUESTION: Do you offer anger management classes?

ANSWER: The Wellness Center offers ways to reduce stress, but we do not offer classes on anger management at this time.

The UIC Counseling Center is able to see UIC students on an individual basis. Their phone number is 312.996.3490 and they are located in SSB.

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