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Where can I learn more about personal trainers?
How can I safely bulk up?

QUESTION: I heard that your school has student personal trainers. Who could I contact or where can I go to learn more about this?

ANSWER: Personal training at UIC is done through Campus Recreation. The personal training program is called “One on One”. “One on One is an individualized approach to fitness that focuses on positive lifestyle changes. Everyone responds uniquely to exercise training and has different fitness needs and goals. With One on One Personal Training, clients work one-on-one with a personal trainer who has extensive knowledge in exercise physiology and kinesiology, to design a fitness program that meets the client's needs.”

Participants should register in person at the Student Recreation Facility, 737 S. Halsted or Sport and Fitness Center, 828 S. Wolcott. At these facilities, you will be able to select the package and options that meet your needs and goals. Payment is taken at registration. You can contact the Human Performance Lab at (312) 413-5266 to set up your initial assessment.

For more information on personal training, call (312) 413-5266 or visit Campus Recreation's website

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QUESTION: I want to bulk up. I am very fit and would like to begin a program of a diet and weight lifting which will allow me to do this. Which is the safest program with best results?

ANSWER: It would be difficult to advise you about this specific topic by this means, especially since we don't know your experience with exercise or the type of diet you currently have. The best place to go on campus for exercise questions or even scheduling a personal trainer is the Human Performance Lab, which is part of Campus Recreation. They can be reached at 312-413-5266. Trainers will cost a little money if you go that route, but they would be able to answer a wide array of questions pertaining to fitness.

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