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Let's Talk About Sex

Letís Talk About SexÖ

Welcome. This portion of the site is a great tool that can answer many of your questions. This portion of the site is intended to allow you learn information that you may not know or may not feel comfortable asking. We are growing up in a sexually charged environment. Values and attitudes about sex and sexual behavior have changed over the years. This site is a place to get started. It can help answer questions you may not feel comfortable asking and can help you become more aware of whatís around you.

This site is not a tool for self diagnosis. If you think you are pregnant or have an STD, seek medical attention. Any person who is sexually active should be screened for STDs annually and/or when you have a new partner.

Let's talk about sex

Prepared by:
Samantha Gray
WAVES Peer Educator and Wellness Center Graduate Assistant

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For a pdf version of the above information, click the link below:
Letís Talk About Sex-PDF Version

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