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When a person becomes pregnant (whether it is planned or unplanned) many issues arise that are unique to that individual. No matter how routine or common pregnancies are, there are a multitude of emotions that go along with the result of one little test. Ultimately it is up to you to decide what to do when you become pregnant. If you think you are pregnant please consult your clinician or physician to discuss options and prenatal care.

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Digital sex

Sex with a computer? No. Digital sex refers to using your digits or fingers to stimulate your partner. This is often referred to as mutual masturbation.

It can be one of the safest forms of sexual contact, if you play by the rulesÖ

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Sex Toys

Many people are choosing to introduce sex toys into their sex lives. There is a large variety on the market ranging from hand held devices to strap-ons to vibrating cock rings to butt-plugs and everything in between. Whether it is alone or with a partner, it is important to be safe with sex toys.

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