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Wellness Center


Free Condoms and Lubricants

The Wellness Center provides free condoms and lubricants from 8:45am - 4:45pm, Monday - Friday.

We currently have a variety of brands, styles and sizes of condoms, including Crown, Lifestyles, Beyond Seven and Durex.

We also carry polyurethane condoms for individuals with allergies; female condoms & flavored dental dams for oral sex.


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Resource Center

The Wellness Center office houses a Resource Center with a range and variety of health and wellness information, including brochures on issues covering everything from stress and nutrition to relationships and abstinence. The Resource Center is open to the entire UIC community. It is a place to get quick information or to research a class project. Visitors are invited to browse the collection of health and personal growth information.

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Peer Wellness Workshops

Peer Wellness Workshops are available for residence halls, student groups, classes, and community organizations. These programs, facilitated by trained wellness peer educators from the student organization WAVES, cover the latest information on alcohol, relationships, contraception, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), HIV/AIDS, stress, and much more.
For more information on workshops and how to request one, go to Workshops

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In House Wellness Workshop

Each month the Wellness Center offers workshops that cover a variety of topics, from smoking cessation workshops to campus safety.

These workshops are open to UIC students, faculty and staff.
Because space in limited, registration is recommended for these workshops. To register send your name and desired workshop title and date to wellness@uic.edu or call 312-413-2120.
For more information on available workshops and dates, go to Workshops

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Free Consultations with a Health Educator

The Wellness Center offers confidential consultations with a health educator. Staff can provide consultation and referrals for topics including: substance use, sexual well-being, general nutrition, safety, and more. These can be scheduled or on a walk-in basis. To schedule a session, contact the Wellness Center at 312-413-2120.

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Wellness Wednesdays Booth

Each week, the Wellness Center comes out of the depths of the Student Center East (formerly CCC) to bring health information to you! Wellness Wednesdays is a service that provides the UIC community with a wealth of health-related information, on topics ranging from lung cancer and tobacco use to alcohol and sexually transmitted infections. Take advantage of a wide variety of brochures, pamphlets, and, as always, free condoms.

Stop by the Wellness Wednesdays booth every Wednesday from 11:00 A.M to 1:00 P.M. next to the Pier Room in the Student Center East, to see what the Wellness Center has to offer you!


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Campus Events

The Wellness Center organizes several large scale events to provide students with up to date wellness information in a fun and interactive format.

Unity Walk Walk for Unity. Walk for Fun. Walk for Wellness. This event is a celebration of the diversity of our campus and brings the campus together through a fun walk through the UIC neighborhood.

National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week This event promotes responsible drinking, stresses personal responsibility, provides practical safety tips, and positive choices students can make to protect themselves and their friends.

Great American Smokeout - This event encourages smoking cessation, by providing students with information on the harmful effects of smoking, and on proven strategies for smoking cessation.

World AIDS Day This event is intended to provide students with information and resources on HIV/AIDS, including testing information and sites, and encourages students to take a personal responsibility to stop the spread of HIV.

De-Stress Days This week long event is held during finals week each semester and is intended to help students unwind and de-stress during their finals and provides students with energy foods, pencils, stress relievers and tips.

Safer Spring Break This event, held the week before students leave for Spring Break, provides students with the tools to stay safe during their vacations in an interactive and fun format.

Wellness Jam This event is a wellness fair that focuses on educating students, faculty and staff about ways to address the eight dimensions of wellness. On and off campus agencies, student groups and departments provide participants with a variety of wellness information.

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Education Materials

The Wellness Center produces a variety of educational publications to provide students, faculty and staff with easy access information on wellness topics.

Publications include:
Let's Talk About Sex

Party Safety 101

Beer Free Zone

and more......

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