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Sexual Wellness

The sexually well person accepts his or her sexual orientation, engages in sexual relationships that are consistent with his or her values and development, and refrains from using sex to manipulate or influence others. In addition, s/he minimizes unwanted consequences through communication and protection.

Many of us have reached the age where sex is part of our lives and it’s important for us to engage in it safely. However, that doesn’t always happen and some of these sites help you get back on the right track and find centers that suit to your sexuality needs.


UIC Resources

The Wellness Center - The Wellness Center is your one stop for safe sex resources, including brochures and free condoms. Staff and peer educators are also available to answer any of your questions, in group presentations or individual consultations.

Family Medicine - Students enrolled UIC have access to a wide range of services including early treatment of illness and injury, prevention, nutrition education, health promotion/outreach services.

Office of Women’s Affairs - The OWA is your campus resource for information on regarding sexual harassment and assault and provides individual consultations. The Office of Women's Affairs also provides a safe place for women to relax and for small meetings. The resource center has a variety of books on a wide range of topics of interest to women.

Campus Advocacy Network - CAN provides crisis support and advocacy to help both men and women who are victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, hate crimes and stalking. They are there every step of the way to assure that you are safe.

Gender and Sexuality Center - Dedicated to teaching, researching, serving, and caring for LGBTQA communities, the Gender & Sexuality Center provides knowledge and educational resources to combat prejudice, misunderstanding, and misinformation about issues of gender identity and sexual/affectional orientation.

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Off Campus Resources

Planned Parenthood - Planned Parenthood of the Chicago Area provides reproductive health services, safer sex information, and abortion services.

Howard Brown Health Center - HBHC serves the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community through clinical, educational and social services. HIV/STI testing and counseling are among the many services they provide.

The Cradle - The Cradle is a domestic and international adoption agency that helps you decide if adoption is right for you and guides you through the adoption process.

STI Testing Centers – Look here for free and low cost STI centers near you.

The Core Center - The Core Center offers HIV testing and counseling, among other services. Call 312-572-4500 or visit the site above for more information.

The Female Health Company

Sexuality Information and Education Council


HIV/AIDS Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Gay Men’s Health Crisis

Midwest AIDS Training and Education Center

National Minority AIDS Council


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Physical Wellness

The physically well person eats when hungry and selects a varied and nutritionally balanced diet. S/he also gets an adequate amount of sleep, engages in moderate to vigorous exercise 3-5 times a week, gets routine medical check-ups appropriate to his or her age and risk factors, and takes safety precautions.

Getting sick is a pain in the neck but that’s not the only kind of physical wellness we mean. We care about your safety and your physical needs. Your physical wellness depends greatly on what you put in your body rather than what you do with your body. So try to stay away from alcohol and drugs and use these sites to get as physically fit as you can.


UIC Resources

Wellness Center - The Wellness Center has many brochures and books to help you get physically fit. We also have group presentations and individual consultations to help you getting into shape.

Family Medicine - Student Health provides basic preventative healthcare and treatments at no or minimal costs. Family Medicine is the campus doctor.

UIC Campus Recreation - Student Recreation Facility (East Campus) and the Sport and Fitness Center (West Campus) provide students with exercise equipment, group fitness classes, intramural sports, and personal training. SRF also has a pool and a climbing wall.

UIC Police - The UIC Police works with the Chicago Police Department and has the ability to make arrests and overview the campus grounds. The Red Car transports faculty and students after hours and Student Patrol can escort you where needed.

Disability Resource Center - The Disability Resource Center facilitates access for students through consultation with faculty and campus departments, and the provision of reasonable accommodations.

UIC Medical Center - Doctors are at your service for primary, specialty, and emergency care. UIC Medical Center is one of the best teaching and research hospitals in Illinois

The Nutrition and Wellness Center - Located on West Campus, this center has specialized services that include diabetes care, smoking cessation, and weight loss programs.

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Off Campus Resources



Alcoholics Anonymous - AA provides a forum for men and women to overcome alcoholism and confidentially share their problems and solutions with each other.
Narcotics Anonymous - NA is a 12 step program that helps men and women work together to overcome their drug addiction. A 24 hour hotline is also available.
The Bacchus Network
Connecticut Clearinghouse
Phoenix House Facts on Tap
The National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence
College Drinking, Changing the Future
Students Against Destructive Decisions
MedlinePlus Club Drugs



American Cancer Society - Educate yourself about the varying cancers and find out how to help fight for the cure.
American Lung Association

American Cancer SocietyGuide to Quit Smoking -
US National Library of Medicine Smoking Cessation Resources
American Heart Association
Skin Cancer Foundation
National Cancer Institute
Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization

Susan G. Komen For the Cure



American Dietetic Association - Check out the ADA webpage for nutritious information and new findings for maintaining a healthy diet.
National Eating Disorders Association - Eating disorders are illnesses that affect both men and women. NEDA helps you gain strength and find treatment to fight eating related problems.
National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders
Information on Fad Diets
Nutrition Information
USDA Food and Information Center



Piercing Precautions
FDA Tattoo and Permanent Makeup
Sun Protection

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Environmental Wellness

The environmentally well person recognizes the earth's preciousness, and strives to minimize wasteful consumption or unnecessary destruction of animals, plant, elements or energy. S/he engages in recycling and conservation, protects natural resources, and strives for living spaces free of health hazards. An environmentally well person also is concerned with personal safety and is aware of his/her surroundings.

I’m sure everyone has heard of ‘global warming’ and ‘renewable resources’ and the truth is that the earth is changing and those resources may not be as renewable as we once thought. It’s up to you to keep our earth clean and pollutant free. Buy products that are energy friendly, kick that smoking habit and don’t forget to recycle that water bottle you’re drinking from.


UIC Resources

Wellness Center - The Wellness Center has books and brochures about the environment and how you can be more eco-friendly.

UIC Recycling Program

UIC Office if Sustainability -


OffCampus Resources

StopGlobalWarming – Did you know that your electronics use energy even when they are not in use? Unplug small appliances to save a bundle on energy costs.

Environmental Protection Agency - The EPA studies and informs the public on issues ranging from asbestos to volcanoes. Visit the website to learn more about their efforts to create a safer environment for all.

Energy Star - Energy Star products use less energy and are cleaner for our air, water, and soil. Find out ways you can save energy and reduce pollution.

Clean Air Council - The state of Illinois already went smoke-free; see what else the council is doing to ensure clean air for us to breathe.

American Water and Energy Savers - Water isn’t as renewable as we once believed. Learn ways to reduce your water use and how you can cut down on energy bills.

Chicago Recycling Coalition - Find out where and how to recycle in Chicago. Remember, the UIC campus recycles, just find the correct bin and recycle paper, glass, and plastic.

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Emotional Wellness

The emotionally well person is able to appropriately express and manage the entire range of feelings, including anger, fear, happiness and sadness. S/he possesses high self-esteem, a sense of humor, and positive body image. This person also seeks support from a mental health professional when needed.

It is important to maintain emotional wellness at all times. Ways to maintain emotional balance include building confidence, reducing and managing stress, eating right, exercising, getting involved, sharing a problem with others, and making time for yourself and friends. Below are various website with great information on achieving balance, as well as seeking assistance.


UIC Resources

Wellness Center – The Wellness Center offers individual consultations to discuss your emotional needs. The center also has brochures and books available to address your specific needs.

Campus Recreations – Exercise can help you reduce stress and enjoy life. Check out Campus recreation for options on how to stay physically fit, which include aquatics, rock climbing, and group fitness classes.

Counseling Center – Staff from the Counseling Center are available to consult with faculty, staff, or students about the mental health needs of students or employees. When personal problems, career questions, or relationship issues interfere, Counseling Services staff are prepared to help students attain their personal and academic goals.

In Touch Crisis Hotline – Sharing a problem with others may help you find a solution and will make you feel less isolated.

Student Leadership Development and Volunteer Services – Being involved in community gives a sense of purpose and satisfaction that paid work cannot. SLDVS provides many options for volunteering and getting involved on and off campus.

Gender and Sexuality Center - The center offers consultation to students, faculty or staff about personal issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity concerns. Resources in the Rainbow Resource that include books, videos, a vertical file, and other references

Office of Women’s Affairs - The center offers individual consultations on issues such as sexual harassment and sexual health. The resource center has a variety of books on a wide range of topics of interest to women.

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Off Campus Resources

The following websites offer material and information on managing emotional wellness.

Suicide and Suicide Prevention Information-

National Association for Self-Esteem

National Institute of Mental Health

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

American Institute of Stress

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Occupational Wellness

The occupationally well person fulfills a socially defined role that is both stimulating and inherently rewarding. S/he chooses a role (or several roles) that are consistent with beliefs, goals, lifestyle, personality and values.

To achieve occupational wellness you need to find a balance between work and other obligations. To help you find that balance here are some resources.


On Campus Resources

Wellness Center – The center offers services such as individual consultations, group workshops, brochures, and books to help you achieve occupational wellness.

Office of Career Services -The office helps students with the process of self-assessment, career planning and preparation in order to facilitate lifetime career development and success.

Student Employment – Finding a job on campus may be a good way to achieve balance between work and school. Visit online or stop by to find job opportunities on or around campus.

Employee Assistance Services – The Employee Assistance Service (EAS) provides free, professional, confidential assessments, short-term counseling referrals, and follow-up for UIC employees and their families. For more information, call Human Resources at 996-3588 or visit website.

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Social Wellness

The socially well person has a network of friends and family to whom s/he can turn to for support, validation and sharing of life experiences. These relationships are based on interdependence (rather than codependence), mutual trust and respect, equity of power and cultural competence.

Being social active does not mean going to the hottest party every weekend. Here at UIC there is a plethora of organizations to choose from and be social on campus! Joining a club or group activity helps break the monotony of school related coursework. You get a chance to meet other students who share the same interests and form a social network. Besides the campus there are great places right here in the City where you could enjoy all the sites and sounds of Chicago!


On Campus Resources

Campus Programs – The best place to start about activities happening on and around campus is at the Campus Programs website. It has a great events calendar and links to different organizations on campus.

Student Organizations – Check out the student organizations on both East and West campuses! East Side
West Side

Greek Life - UIC is also home to numerous Fraternities and Sororities. Choose ones that fit your major, ethnicity, etc.

Campus Recreation - The gym has a great new building that is home to many activities! Go rock climbing or have a pool party with friends! They also offer group classes and personal training sessions! Or maybe you might enjoy playing Intramural Sports. The website has more information on all the services offered.

Flames Sports - UIC has great sports teams! All games are free to UIC students so invite your roommates or classmates to catch a game!

UIC Pavilion - UIC is home to one of the biggest concert arenas in the state. The UIC Pavilion welcomes sports teams, rock bands, hip hop stars and more! Watch your favorite band or check out a brand new style. Check out the events calendar to see the schedule of artists.

Along with campus events, just being steps away from Downtown offers students a great outlet to explore and take a break from school. Go to museums, galleries or watch a play at the many theaters. Visit the Chicago tourism website (www.choosechicago.com) to gain more information on this wonderful city. Being socially active helps achieve overall wellness and sets a good balance to your academic load.

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Intellectual Wellness

The intellectually well person values education and engages in lifelong learning, and pursues activities that increase knowledge, develop moral reasoning, foster critical thinking and expand worldviews. In addition, s/he appreciates the fine arts, and values intuition, empathy and understanding as forms of knowing.

Intellectual Wellness is an important part of a college student’s life. You are constantly trying to maintain good grades and stay on top of all your coursework. UIC offers many resources to help you achieve the grades you deserve.


On Campus Resources

Wellness Center – The Wellness Center has workshops throughout the semester relating to academic life so stop by the website and see if we are hosting a workshop for you!

Academic Center for Excellence – ACE is an excellent source for students. This academic support program helps students reach their goals through guidance on various facets of a student’s academic life. They can help from test anxiety to learning how to properly student.

The African American Academic Network - AAAN is geared to helping students adjust to their new college lifestyle. AAAN offers scholarships, tutoring, events, etc that help students in many areas.

Native American Support Program - The center offers advising on admission, tutoring, degree requirements, etc. Contact them to set up appointments.

TRIO/Educational Opportunity Outreach Programs - The programs helps first generation college students, low-income students, or students with disabilities. They offer advising and different workshops to help build appropriate skills.

The UIC Honors College - The college offers free tutoring. Make an appointment and get help with any subject or course.

UIC Writing Center - The center is a great free resource to students. The center offers peer tutoring in writing papers for any discipline and course. Contact them to help jumpstart your paper or edit the final copy!

Another great resource is your college advisors. Make an appointment with them and they can also discuss options to help with your concerns.

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Spiritual Wellness

The spiritually well person seeks meaning and purpose in human existence. S/he develops an appreciation for the depth and expanse of life and the natural forces that exist in the universe.

An important part of achieving overall wellness is keeping in touch with your spiritual side. Spiritual wellness encompasses having peace mind, body and soul. There are several resources on campus to help you achieve Spiritual wellness!


On Campus Resources

Wellness Center - Stop by the Wellness Center to check out our resource library which has numerous books for your spiritual needs!

Agape House - The Agape House is a community of students, staff and faculty from UIC that gather together to learn, share and grow in the faith journey. Rooted in the Christian tradition, groups share lives and faith together through worship, fellowship, study, and service.

Newman Catholic Student Center is located at 700 S. Morgan St., behind BSB, and is a great place to study, pray, or hang out. You can also reach the Center at 312-226-1880.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship - IVCF is an inter-denominational group open to UIC students and faculty interested in learning about and participating in God's work on campus, in the world, and in our personal lives.

The William & Mildred Levine Hillel Center - The center was established to engage Jewish students of diverse backgrounds in the Jewish community and empower them to affirm their Jewish identity for the present and future.

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