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The Wellness Center offers FREE workshops that are available to UIC residence halls, UIC student groups, UIC classrooms, UIC departments, and special groups on campus. These programs, facilitated by center staff or trained wellness peer educators from the student organization WAVES, offers the latest information on alcohol, street safety, safe sex, stress, and much more.


"Alcohol 101" This workshop focuses on why and how to stay in control while drinking. At this interactive workshop, you will discover the truth about alcohol myths, play the "Slamming Shots" game, learn the secret code for drinking responsibly, and be able to save a friends life by learning to identify the signs of alcohol poisoning. Do you think you can still drive buzzed after a few drinks? Look through our "booza-vision" goggles and guess again! This is a fun yet informing workshop that engages as well as educates you.

"Think Pink - Understanding Breast Cancer" It's important for every woman to understand the risks factors associated with breast cancer and the steps that she can take to improve her breast health. This workshop will give you a basic understanding of breast cancer risk factors, cause, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer. Participants will learn the proper technique for doing a breast examination and get to feel actual "lumps" in breast models.

"Sex Jeopardy" Here's your chance to match your Sextelligence against your club members, suite mates, and classmates! Based on the game "Jeopardy," this workshop lets you pick categories such as "What is this?" or "How do I get rid of this?" You will have fun learning about safe sex practices, STI symptoms, how STI's are spread and more!

"Stretching out Your Stress" The train delay the morning of your exam, computer problems the night before a big paper is due, the roommates who expect you to clean up after them. We all deal with stress every day. In this unique workshop the focus is more on doing and less on lecture. You get to use relaxation techniques such as: acupressure, deep breathing, stretching, and meditation. "Relaxed" and "calm" are the words used by students to describe how they feel after this workshop.

"Staying Safe in the Big City" Learn the verbal tricks and cons of "Stranger Danger." Find out who Stranger Danger is and why s/he wants you. Learn how to recognize and avoid opportunistic crimes. This workshop teaches you how to stay safe in the Big City. Using demonstrations and easy safety strategies, you discover how to maximize your personal safety and how to be ready if you are approached by "Stranger Danger."

"Wellness for Women" Ladies, now is the time to get healthy and stay healthy! This workshop is designed to help you to manage the daily stressors of being a woman. A variety of women's health issues will be addressed, including health mistakes women often make, breaking the cycle of yo-yo dieting, having Pap smears, GYN exams, disease prevention, breast health, exercise, nutrition, heart health, sexuality. Find out if the rumors about birth control are true. Grab your girlfriends and get healthy together!

To schedule a FREE workshop, fill out the Request Form below and send to wellness@uic.edu or contact the Wellness Center at 312-413-2120

Workshop Request Forms:

Workshop request form (PDF Format)


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WELLNESS U. Programs

The Wellness Center has created a service to bring workshops to you! WELLNESS U. is a program in which trained staff and peer educators host workshops that cover a variety of topics, such as smoking cessation, nutrition, men's health, financial fitness, and much more.

These workshops are held throughout the semester and are open to UIC students, faculty and staff. Be on the look out for WELLNESS U. programs. It's a great way to learn about your well-being, while meeting new people. WELLNESS U. program announcements will be posted in several listservs, UIC Announce, and on our events page!

You don't need to fill out a request form to attend. You just need register for these programs because space is limited. Registration opens the same day that the workshop is announced. To register send your name, UIN, desired workshop title and date to wellness@uic.edu or call 312-413-2120.

For a listing of upcoming workshops and programs, check out the Events listing on our homepage.


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