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Finding Pockets of Gratitude During a Pandemic


Has COVID-19 have you feeling stuck, or even lost, at times? We understand it’s a difficult time, but not every moment has to be gloomy! Although we all wish things could go back to normal with a snap of a finger, we may have to accept that our new ‘normal’ will look different for a while. It’s easy to fall into a cycle of uncertainty, sadness, and confusion – and that’s okay. While it can be healthy to allow yourself to feel upset and process those emotions, it can also be beneficial to try to find some light among the dark.

What Kinds of Things Can I Be Grateful For? Heading link

Gratitude doesn’t have to be a grand, exaggerated affair. Especially now, when it can feel like the days are bleeding together and we’re just going through the motions, it’s important to remind ourselves that small victories are worth celebrating. Victories are victories!

Here are some examples of everyday things that we can be grateful for:

  • Trying a new coffee order
  • Submitting an assignment on time
  • When you make grilled cheese and it has the perfect cheese pull
  • Finding your favorite snack on sale
  • Enjoying said snack with your favorite episode of The Office
  • That funny YouTube video or TikTok your friend sent you
  • Realizing you’ve made your bed most days this week
  • Communicating with your professor about an assignment you may have been struggling with
  • Being able to talk to someone
  • Anyone in your life
  • Your pet

It may also help to keep track of what you’re grateful for, especially for those days when there seems to be no bright side. Making a gratitude log can help with that.

  • You can use a simple spreadsheet to document what you’re grateful for on a particular day. If you’re especially tech-savvy, feel free to organize or customize this in whatever way works best for you.
  • Make a gratitude log on a piece of paper. You can choose to make this a daily routine, or to keep it more open. Gratitude logs are common in the bullet journal community, and these can be as simple or as creative as you want!
  • Another fun idea can be to write down things you’re grateful for on a sticky note or slip of paper, then put it in a jar. You can go back and read these when you need a pick-me-up. (P.S. we have a gratitude jar event coming up soon!)

Resources: Heading link

Reminder: You’re doing your best, even if that looks a little different right now. We are here to help, and there are resources available for you to use. There is no shame in reaching out for help.

Here’s a refreshing TEDTalk on Gratitude: Heading link