Pop-Up Pantry COVID-19 Update: Schedule




Pop-Up Pantry in Action during COVID-19

The UIC Pop-Up Pantry is exclusively for registered UIC students.

Dear UIC Students,

The Wellness Center is happy to announce that the UIC Pop-Up Pantry remains open to serve you throughout this critical moment in history.  We will continue to collect and distribute food to students during the “Shelter-in-place” order.  UIC administrators are working diligently on your behalf and it is their concern that fuels the Pantry’s ability to continue to be here for you.  Please also know that faculty and staff are working hard to maintain a continuum of service that makes our e-distances a little smaller.

UIC Pop-Up Pantry hours: *(in effect until further notice)

Every Tuesday and Wednesday from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Locations: Wellness Center – Student Center East suite 238

Exclusively for Registered UIC Students

Valid I-card needed

As you may know, Governor Pritzker has issued a “Shelter-in-place” order for Illinois that went into effect Saturday, March 21, 2020.

Will you be able to shop the Pantry with this order in place?  Yes.   

This order is flexible enough to allow individuals to travel and retrieve essential goods, like food.  Taking the bus or walking to UIC to shop the Pantry is an accepted practice under this order. However, after shopping, you should return directly to where ever you are currently sheltered.

COVID-19 Precautions: 

COVID-19 precaution practices, used at the Wednesday, March 18th Pantry, are still in place for the safety and welfare of all attendees.  We share shopping pantry guidelines below and we ask again that you wear winter gloves while shopping.  Of the 118 pantry users who shopped that day, dozens of students wore gloves and consequently helped to reduce the risk of transmission, for themselves and others.

Social Distancing:  Stand 6 feet away from other students and staff.  You will see signs to help you to remember this.

Cough or Sneeze into the inside of your shirt: Pull the collar of your shirt or sweater away from your neck, lower your face into your shirt and then sneeze or cough, letting the inside of the shirt “catch” the Sneeze. Why: a sneeze can travel 17 to 26 feet. It moves at 100 miles an hour, and the droplet, laden with pathogens, can hang in the air for 2 to 3 days.  Watch the video of this in action at the Wellness Center website. Link: https://wellnesscenter.uic.edu/news-stories/covid-19-video-library/

Bring two bags:  Make sure you bring either one big bag or two medium-size bags. Please make sure they are strong. (*We do not offer any bags)


Wear winter gloves: This will reduce the risk of your touching surfaces and either picking up or leaving behind pathogens.

Masks/Gloves:  You will see the Wellness Center staff and students wearing masks and gloves. This is to protect you and to protect ourselves.

Remain Calm when waiting in line: We should have enough food for everyone to walk away with something. So please, take slow deep breathes while you wait in line and know that when you do get to shop, there will be food.  With that being said, supplies are contingent on the number of student shoppers.

The UIC Pop-Up Pantry is exclusively for registered UIC students.


CDC COVID-19: How to Prepare

How to Prepare

Here is what you can do to prepare your family in case COVID-19 spreads in your community.

Find Local Information

Know where to find local information on COVID-19 and local trends of COVID-19 cases.

Know the Signs & Symptoms

Know the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and what to do if symptomatic:

  • Stay home when you are sick
  • Call your health care provider’s office in advance of a visit
  • Limit movement in the community
  • Limit visitors

Take Steps for Those at Higher Risk

Know what additional measures those at higher risk and who are vulnerable should take.

Protect Yourself & Family

Implement steps to prevent illness (e.g., stay home when sick, handwashing, respiratory etiquette, clean frequently touched surfaces daily).

Create a Household Plan

Create a household plan of action in case of illness in the household or disruption of daily activities due to COVID-19 in the community.

  • Consider 2-week supply of prescription and over the counter medications, food, and other essentials. Know how to get food delivered if possible.
  • Establish ways to communicate with others (e.g., family, friends, co-workers).
  • Establish plans to telework, what to do about childcare needs, how to adapt to cancellation of events.

Stay Informed About Emergency Plans

Know about emergency operations plans for schools/workplaces of household members



“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” – Scott Adams

COVID-19 Pantry! (03/18/2020)

Photos were taken from Pantry hosted on Wednesday, March 18th, from 10:30 AM -4:30 PM, UIC. 

Thanks to the help of UIC Wellness Center Staff and Student Staff, we were able to feed 118 UIC students! Check out the photos shown in the above link to see the magic happen!

Thank you, Tina Garcia, Associate Director of Commuter and Off-Campus Life, for allowing us to use your much-needed space in CSRC to make history happen!