Safe Sex 101

Healthy relationships include safe sex!

Sexually Active?

Hey UIC Students!

The UIC Wellness Center is bringing you Safe Sex 101 on Monday February 4th and Wednesday February  6th .

Are you having Sex?  Thinking about having Sex?

Join College of Pharmacy students in this wild ride of information! You’ll learn what STI’s are putting you at risk. You’ll learn what contraceptive works best for you. You’ll learn the answers to what’s Myth and what’s Fact when it comes to STI’s and sex.  And much more!!

Bring a friend.  Bring your partner.

Free: Blue aluminum “Peace Starts with You” water bottle.

Day(s): Monday February 4th and Wednesday February 6th

Time: 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Location: Student Center East Tower room 603


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