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Self- Care During COVID-19

self care during covid-19

Okay—let’s recap: a pandemic, known as Covid-19 shut down the world, college is completing online and finally, we’re all currently living our own version of Ground Hog’s Day.  Thus, with all that is going, we understand the feelings of anger, anxiety, fear and sadness you might be experiencing. So let us validate you and your feelings by saying your feelings are real. However, we want you to know, you’re NOT Alone. All emotions you have are valid and need to be addressed

Step 1: Take care of yourself first, then help others!

  • Think about that moment, just before take-off the: flight attendant, goes through all the safety tips. “If at any time the cabin loses pressure, place your mask on FIRST before assisting others.”
  • Know your limits, on what you can and can’t handle. Learn when you are overextending yourself.
  • This is a mental, physical and emotional journey. Being able to ask and seek help is true growth


Step 2: Have positive outlets

  • Unplug or take a Break from Social networks: the media and news are overwhelming in 2020, especially with Covid-19
  • Find new hobbies and passions: during this time, explore yourself- learn new skills.
  • Exercise-
    • Body: Take time to go for a walk, while the lakeshore is still open and the Sun is still shinning.
      • The American Heart Association: recommends 45 mins of Exercise daily.
    • Mind: Meditation and visualization drills are essential for a few minutes of peace and ZEN.


Step 3: Just be.

  • Set time aside for yourself to DO NOTHING. Yes, nothing.
  • Just be, at the moment. No music, phone, or activity.
  • Learn to reflect and decompress from the world.


“When I loved myself enough, I began leaving whatever wasn’t healthy. This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and habits – anything that kept me small.  My judgement called it disloyal. Now I see it as self-loving.”

Kim McMillen

Additional Resources Heading link

  1. UIC Counseling Center: As a UIC student, you are offered 21 FREE therapy sessions to talk to a therapist–since talking about our feelings is a form of self-care. They even have an “after-hours counseling” option. For more information click this link:
  2. Hope for the Day: Positive re-enforcement on the benefits of mental health counseling, turning the stigma of mental health and asking for help. Help is there, just have to ask.
  3. Calm: is an app, that offers sleep stories, guided mediation and peace of mind. With an array of: backgrounds, songs that stimulate restfulness.
  4. UIC Campus Recreation: Rock wall climbing, a lazy river and pool and indoor track. Weight training is a great way to release endorphins and stress relief. At the rec center, you’re able to work up a sweat and enjoy a Protein smoothie, under one roof.
  5. Happify: welcome to the one-stop-shop for self-care, that is customized to fit your life. With videos, tools and exercises aimed to inspire, relax and help your cognitive mindset daily. 


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