Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Wellness Center provide the same services in the summer as during the school year?
Our office is open throughout the summer and all resources available during the school year are available throughout the summer except for workshops. Workshops are typically done during the semester for UIC students and or UIC staff. Please note that our office may be closed for meetings, but in general, we will be open M-F from 8:45am-4:30pm.

Does the Wellness Center provide the same services as Family Medicine?
The Wellness Center and Family Medicine provide different services to meet students individual needs, for services, coverage, and information about Family Medicine, please contact them at 312-996-2901.

Am I able to get a physical from your office or any other health center at UIC?
The UIC Wellness Center is health promotion and education-focused therefore, we do not offer clinical services in our office. For physicals or any other medical services, we recommend contacting Family Medicine, located on the west side of campus, at 312-996-2901.

What kind of classes does the Wellness Center offer on stress, anger management, and conflict?
Currently, the Wellness Center offers both individual consultations and workshops surrounding the topics of stress and conflict. At this time, we do not offer anger management classes but suggest seeking out the UIC Counseling Center as they can see students on an individual basis. The UIC Counseling Center’s phone number is 312-996-2901.

Can I get medications such as ibuprofen or cold and flu remedies from the Wellness Center?
Outside of band-aids, tissues, hand sanitizers, and cough-drops legally the Wellness Center is not authorized to provide students with over the counter medications. We suggest that you visit the Halsted Street Station located in Student Center East to purchase any medications that you may need.