Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the difference between the Wellness Center and the Counseling Center?
The difference between the Wellness Center and the Counseling Center is the Wellness Center is a health education and health promotion unit tasked with enhancing students’ lifestyle choices and supporting their academic success through holistic programming. The Counseling Center on the other hand offers therapy for mental health needs. Although both offices can help students increase positive wellbeing to promote healthy attitudes and behaviors the Wellness Center offers individual one-time consultations for Wellness concerns like stress management and general nutrition. Whereas, the Counseling Center offers on-going counseling related to mental health.

What is the primary purpose of the Wellness Center?
The primary purpose of the Wellness Center is to provide students with health and wellness education to help encourage healthy and positive lifestyles.

How is the Wellness Center adapting their events to COVID-19?
Amidst COVID-19, we have adapted a hybrid experience and services. For the safety of our staff, all of the workshops have moved online as well as our Wellness Coaching sessions. Our office and Pantry on the other hand have remained in-person utilizing COVID-19 safety precautions, for example, wearing masks and gloves and sanitizing materials consistently. We also have few in-person events for UIC students to foster a sense of community and take care of themselves.

How do the individual consultations/ Wellness Coaching session work in the Wellness Center?
First, it is important to know that Wellness Coaching is not therapy. We are health educators not therapists. The Counseling Center, which does a lot of the heavy lifting, are the experts when it comes to mental health and they are the best place to go to for therapy/counseling. Our sessions, on the other hand, focuses on helping student solve lifestyle challenges like time management, stress management, college transition, or healthy eating. Our Wellness Coaching sessions are one-time sessions with a health educator that last from 30 to 50 minutes via Zoom or phone. Students who utilize this service walk away with concrete solutions that they can immediately put to use. To schedule an appointment fill out the Individual Consultation form on our website here:

How do I know when Wellness Center events are?
Email the Wellness Center to be a part of our WellFlames Listserv to receive daily health education information as well as updates to any Wellness Center news such as Pantry dates and programming events. To learn more about our events please also, feel free to check the Wellness Center website and UIC Life Instagram account as events will be posted periodically.

What supplies does the Wellness center provide?
The Wellness Center provides emergency wellness supplies like band-aids, tissues, cough drops and tea at the front desk for registered UIC Students (supplies are limited).

Can you provide a rough list of all the programming and services the wellness center has?

  • Academic Workshops: to educate students on various topics like good studying habits and managing stress
  • Lifestyle Workshops: such as safe sex, conflict management, building healthy relationships and much more to build healthy behaviors and attitudes
  • Emergency supplies: such as band-aids, tissues and cough drops
  • Pop-Up Pantry: for registered UIC students experiencing food insecurity
  • Individual Consultations/ Wellness Coaching: sessions with a Health Educator to problem solve life style challenges like: time management, stress management, college transition, or healthy eating
  • Giveaways, DIY projects, Self-Care events
  • Comprehensive Website: On the Wellness Center website there are multiple external resources and videos to help you succeed academically and become well-rounded individuals
  • E-Advice “Dear Wellbe”
  • Caring for Your Flame: Mini Mag (Wellness tips)
  • WellFlames Listserv

How does the Pop-up Pantry work?

  • Co-founded in 2014, the Pop- up Pantry is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1-4pm to help registered UIC Students dealing with chronic food insecurity and or life emergencies.
  • 100% of the food in the Pantry comes from donations so food is on a first come first serve basis.
  • The Pantry is temporary located on the 6th floor of Student Center East (SCE) tower, Room 603
  • On Pantry day, students must bring their I-card and their own grocery bags.
  • Practice COVID-19 safety precautions by wearing a mask (required to shop), standing on marked blue lines to maintain social distancing and use hand sanitizer (upon arrival and departure).
  • Once there, students will receive a basket, check-in with UIN card, total household and zip code.
  • When shopping, students have 8 points to shop (shelves are labeled) and students will check out with the student worker when finished. Students will proceed to the bagging tables to pack students’ items (students must bring their own grocery bags).
  • For more information visit our Pop Up Pantry tab on our website

Does the Wellness Center provide the same services in the summer as during the school year?
Our office is open throughout the summer and all resources available during the school year are available throughout the summer except for workshops. Workshops are typically done during the semester for UIC students and or UIC staff. Please note that our office may be closed for meetings, but in general, we will be open M-F from 8:45am-4:30pm.

Does the Wellness Center provide the same services as Family Medicine?
The Wellness Center and Family Medicine provide different services to meet students individual needs, for services, coverage, and information about Family Medicine, please contact them at 312-996-2901.

Am I able to get a physical from your office or any other health center at UIC?
The UIC Wellness Center is health promotion and education-focused therefore, we do not offer clinical services in our office. For physicals or any other medical services, we recommend contacting Family Medicine, located on the west side of campus, at 312-996-2901.

What kind of classes does the Wellness Center offer on stress, anger management, and conflict?
Currently, the Wellness Center offers both individual consultations and workshops surrounding the topics of stress and conflict. At this time, we do not offer anger management classes but suggest seeking out the UIC Counseling Center as they can see students on an individual basis. The UIC Counseling Center’s phone number is 312) 996-3490.

Can I get medications such as ibuprofen or cold and flu remedies from the Wellness Center?
Outside of band-aids, tissues, hand sanitizers, and cough-drops legally the Wellness Center is not authorized to provide students with over the counter medications. We suggest that you visit the Halsted Street Station located in Student Center East to purchase any medications that you may need.