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E-Scooters On-campus

By policy, UIC restricts the use of e-scooters and other low speed, motorized personal transportation devices on campus.


Fall 2021: UIC PD officers will receive training from Centers for Diversity staff, led by Margaret Fink, Director, Disability Cultural Center, on tips for approaching students. Some students utilize non-traditional assistive devices, for example.

Spring semester 2022: For first month, no warnings will be given, only reminders and information. Thereafter, enforcement will include warnings as appropriate.

Compliance (starting Spring 2022):

Violation                             Code                                 Citation Amount

First Violation                     Warning Only                 $0.00

Second Violation              Mandatory Fine             $50.00

Third                                      Mandatory Fine             $75.00

Fourth                                   Mandatory Fine             $100.00

Individuals who observe someone riding a non-ADA personal electric device in a location prohibited by our policy should contact the UIC Police at the non-emergency number – 312.996.2830. Violations must be reported at the time they occur. Staff and faculty violators will be reported to UIC Human Resources and/or Faculty Affairs. Students in violation of the policy will be reported directly to the Dean of Student Affairs. Repeated violations by an individual may lead to disciplinary action.


All student appeals must go through the Dean of Students Office by going to (Student Disciplinary Policy) and all faculty/staff appeals must go through Human Resources by going to

Parking Locations for E-Scooters:

City of Chicago shared e-scooters procedures should be observed per program specifications. Personal e-scooters must be docked at designated docking locations in scooter/skateboard docks.

Skateboard and Scooter Dock Locations (East Campus)

SkateDock Board and Scooter Rack Information Sheet with Specifications