Individual Consultations

Consultations with a health educator are available during office hours by appointment.

Staff can provide consultation and referrals for topics including: stress management, smoking cessation, responsible drinking, sexual well-being, general nutrition, safety and more.  Fill out a request form to schedule a consultation.  On average, consultations are a one-time basis lasting for 1 hour.

  • Individual consultations are intended for Wellness concerns, consultations are not intended for clinical counseling.  If you are experiencing a crisis or emergency and require services outside of business hours please call 911. 
  • The Wellness Center is not a walk-in clinic, if you have a physical medical concern, we recommend contacting your primary care physician.
  • If you are attempting to seek on-going counseling for depression, anxiety or any other concern, please contact the UIC Counseling Center.  The UIC Counseling Center is confidential and free to all registered UIC students.  Click the link below for information on the Counseling Center.



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