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Resources & Services

Explore all of the resources available to you on our online space as well as the Wellness Center! We are here to support and help you!


Please note that the Wellness Center sometimes is confused with other departments. It’s important to know the Center does not offer:

  • Medical services
  • Therapy / Counseling Services
  • Dental services

If you are a student seeking to speak with a doctor, please visit Family Medicine's website. If you are a student seeking therapy or counseling services, please visit the Counseling Center's website to learn about their services. 

Calendar of Events Heading link


Check out our upcoming wellness and academic events here! New events added periodically.

Pop-Up Pantry Heading link

pop-up pantry

Are you a student experiencing food insecurity? Are you a student, faculty, or staff looking to support the Pantry through a donation of goods? If you answered yes, to either of these questions, then the Pop-Up Pantry is for you! Learn how to shop, donate, share information, and more!

SNAP Heading link

Click here for resources to help you find out if you qualify for food stamps (SNAP) and information on where to apply.

Housing Insecure Assistance Heading link

housing insecure

Do you find yourself couch surfing? Or not knowing where you are going to sleep from night to night? If you are a student experiencing housing instability or know of someone dealing with housing insecurity, check out UIC and community resources available to you.

Workshops Heading link


Are you a class lecturer or part of a student organization and want to teach your students/members about wellness-related topics such as time management, stress management, self-care, and much more? If so, check out what academic and wellness workshops we have to offer. All workshops are free for students affiliated with the University of Illinois system and are presented by a Wellness Peer Educator.

Wellness Coaching Heading link

individual consulations

If you need guidance in any area of wellness, then an individual consultation may be just the guidance you need! Submit a form and you will be contacted by a health educator to set up your appointment!

Wellness Supplies Heading link


Wellness offers a few front desk wellness supplies such as condoms, tissues, bandaids, and informational brochures.

Alcohol and Drugs Edu. Heading link

alcohol and drugs

Want to learn more about alcohol and drug safety? Check out our Alcohol and Drugs Edu. page for more information, videos, and resources on responsible drinking, alcohol poisoning, Adderal, and much more.  Please also visit our campus’s Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy under our “Policies” tab.

Literature & Video Library Heading link


The Wellness Center both physically and online is filled with literature resources to answer questions you may have that address the 8 dimensions of wellness. Browse in our online literature library or stop in!

Stress Relief Place/ Stress Management Heading link

stress relief

Have stress in your life? If so, this place is for you! Explore the stress relief guides, videos, and guided imagery to help you relax and combat your stress!

Sexual Health/ Healthy Relationships Heading link

sexual health

Sexual health can be a tricky topic but most importantly, if you choose to engage in sexual activity, we want you to be safe! Learn about safe sex practices and get all of your questions answered here!

Sleep Heading link


Do college students even sleep? Come explore and check out videos that highlight the importance of sleep as well as tips to help you sleep!

Studying Heading link


Do you feel like you study hard but get to the test and realize you didn’t study enough?  Check out the videos to help explore learning styles that will help you pinpoint which way is the best way for you to study.

Conflict Management Heading link


Conflict, a natural part of life, can occur at any time and in any professional or personal relationship.  Successfully managing a conflict starts with understanding how you react in these tense situations.  To learn more about how to properly resolve conflict come check out these video links!

Services FAQs Heading link


Are you still unsure of what services we offer? Check out our services FAQs page to give you more clarity.