We are here to help

The Wellness Center supports the Office of Dean of Students in aiding students that are experiencing housing instability.

UIC and the city of Chicago has many resources dedicated to helping UIC college  students that are experiencing short-term or long-term housing instability.

Below you will find a list of resources that may help you in a time of need.


UIC Pop-Up Pantry:

Free to all registered UIC students experiencing food insecurity.  For detailed information and hours of operation, please visit: http://wellnesscenter.uic.edu/resources-and-services/pop-up-pantry/

(available to registered UIC students only)

Greater Chicago Food Depository:

The Greater Chicago Food Depository ensures that no person goes hungry in the Chicago or surrounding areas.  Please visit the link for information to “find food” at local food pantry’s and meal kitchens: https://www.chicagosfoodbank.org/find-food/

(available to all members of Chicago community)


There are many discount clothing options throughout the city.  Here are just a few options:

Goodwill stores are abundant across the city and surrounding areas and provide used clothing and household items at a significant discount.  To find the Goodwill closest to you: http://www.goodwill.org/

(available to all members of Chicago community)

Bridge to Success mission is to enhance employment opportunities for at-risk, low-income, no-income men, women, and young adults by providing high-end, contemporary interview clothing, coupled with a personal stylist and coaching, to build self-confidence through appearance, interview preparation and sense of belonging at the workplace.  For more information and to shop their store: http://www.thebridgetosuccess.org/

(available to all members of Chicago community)

Cornerstone Community Outreach is an Uptown community organization dedicated to providing shelter individuals and families in need of a home.  Part of their mission and outreach is providing a “Free Store” to their specific communities and their neighbors.  The “Free Store” is a place where you can “shop” for clothing items and household essentials.  For more information: http://www.ccolife.org/services-for-our-neighbors/

(available to all members of Chicago community)

**Unique to every shelter and their individual regulations, many homeless shelters have donated items such as clothes and personal care items on hand for their residents.

(available to all members of Chicago community)



Youth Futures Mobile Legal Clinic:

The Law Project provides legal services to homeless and unaccompanied youth through its Youth Features mobile legal aid clinic.  The goal of this clinic is to provide civil legal service to homeless youth through various established outreach sites.  Youth Features can assist you experiencing housing instability with a variety of civil legal problems, including but not limited to:

  • Education Enrollment
  • School Fees
  • Transportation
  • Discrimination
  • Immunization Records
  • Civil Rights
  • Public Benefits
  • Identification documents
  • Housing and Shelter

For more information: https://sites.google.com/site/lawprojectcch/youth-futures

(available to all members of Chicago community)

UIC’s Student Legal Services (SLS) is a full-service law office dedicated to providing legal solutions for currently enrolled students. SLS offers advice and representation on a wide variety of legal matters, including:

  • Landlord-Tenant Matters
  • Expungement of Records
  • Family Law
  • Some Criminal Matters
  • Traffic Issues
  • Orders of Protection
  • Employment Agreements

Our service is free for currently-registered students, because it is paid for with Student Fees. If you have a legal concern, make an appointment to come speak with us. We assure you that your communication with us will be completely confidential.

(available to registered UIC students only)



Housing and Drop-In Centers

Night Ministry: The Night Ministry is a Chicago-based organization that works to provide housing, health care and human connection to members of our community struggling with poverty or homelessness. They provide housing assistance, transportation, assistance, health care, a listening ear, and food. Drop-in services available.

For more information: https://thenightministry.org/

(available to all members of Chicago community)

Illinois Covenant House: the mission of the Covenant House Illinois is to provide homeless youth (ages 18-24) with ongoing care and crisis support. Drop-in services available.

To get help: https://www.covenanthouseil.org/get-help

(available to all members of Chicago community)

To find a shelter or drop-in center near you: https://www.homelessshelterdirectory.org/cgi-bin/id/city.cgi?city=Chicago&state=IL

Getting help on UIC campus

The UIC community is here to help you at any time.  Any staff or faculty member that you feel comfortable sharing your concerns with should be able to guide you in the right direction to helpful resources.

Office of the Dean of Students (DOS): The DOS office is here for the student! If you need help with your homelessness situation, the DOS office has staff specifically to help students experiencing challenging times.

Check out their website for more information: https://dos.uic.edu/student-assistance/health-personal-concerns/housing-instability-food-insecurity/

Student Services Building (SSB)
1200 West Harrison St,
3030 SSB (MC 318)
Chicago, IL 60607
Phone: 312-996-4857

(available to registered UIC students only)

Center for Health Education and Wellness (Wellness Center):

  • Pop-Up Pantry: student food pantry available to any student experiencing food insecurity. Open every Wednesday and Thursday 1-4pm or on an emergency need basis. http://wellnesscenter.uic.edu/resources-and-services/pop-up-pantry/
  • Emergency-G0 Bags: We understand that circumstances happen and sometimes you need extra help. In severe and unexpected life circumstances such as: fire, domestic violence, loss of housing due to financial hardship, or you have been kicked out by a family member or partner, registered UIC students should contact the Wellness Center. We will connect you with basic necessities and resources.
  • Resource Referral: We are here to help you and know resources available to you in the Chicago area and at UIC.  If you have any questions or need help, we are happy to assist.

(available to registered UIC students only)