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Resources for the Student-Parent


The UIC Wellness Center recognizes the needs of Student Parents in balancing work, school, and taking care of children while also taking care of themselves. College can be stressful and raising children creates an additional layer of challenges. To support the well-being of student-parents as they undergo post-secondary education, we have created this resource guide to address some of their unique needs.

Disclaimer: The UIC Wellness Center has no affiliation with the resources stated below. This content is an informational guide on community and campus resources for UIC student parents. We recommend all parents do their own investigative research to determine if a resource/service is best suited for their needs.

To view resources on academic guidelines, community and campus resources, and helpful daily resources, please look at the link below.

Wellness Center: Resources for the UIC Student Parent Guide

Learn More: WLRC -Supporting Pregnant and Parenting Students

OAE: Pregnancy and Parenting Resources