Workshops Offered


Staying Safe in the City

Learn the verbal tricks and cons of "Stranger Danger." Find out who Stranger Danger is and why s/he wants you. Learn how to recognize and avoid opportunistic crimes. This workshop teaches you how to stay safe in the Big City. Using demonstrations and easy safety strategies, you’ll discover how to maximize your personal safety and how to be ready if you are approached by "Stranger Danger."


Making food work for you

Learn the essentials of nourishing your body through this informative nutrition workshop developed by a Registered Dietitian. Discover the ways in which food can be a source of comfort, energy, strength, and happiness and understand how to listen to the nutritional needs of your own body.  By the end of the workshop, participants will have a better understanding of the role of food in overall health and well-being and will even be able to debunk common nutrition myths and misconceptions.  See the vast world of food and nutrition in a new and clearer light and make it work for you!

Eating Disorder Jeopardy
We bring the game board to you! This interactive game is based on the game show JeopardyÒ and is used to bring awareness to eating disorders. Eating disorders impact both men and women and college-aged individuals are most vulnerable.  Information about eating disorders and local resources will also be provided to all attendees.


5 love languages
Have you ever wondered why your significant other doesn’t care if you give them a compliment? It’s because you are not speaking their love language! This fun and interactive class, based off of Gary Chapman’s best-selling book, The Five Love Languages, explores "love languages" which will help you learn how to communicate with your partner and create a safe and happy relationship.  Love languages are unique to everyone and are helpful when trying to understand the way people communicate.  This class is ideal for everyone, not just those in relationships! Knowing how to speak the love language of your friends, peers and family is just as important! You will leave this class with great information and an assessment that allows you to find your own personal love language!

Conquering Conflict
Conflict, a natural part of life, can occur at any time and in any professional or personal relationship.  Successfully managing a conflict starts with understanding how you react in these tense situations.  Workshop participants will identify their “hot buttons, be introduced to the Five Styles of Conflict Resolution, learn how to stay in control during a conflict, and gain communication tools and insight to successfully navigate conflict.

Healthy Relationships

One Love 
This is a 90-minute hands-on workshop that your group will be captivated by.   One Love is based on the story of UVA college student Yeardley Love who was murdered by her boyfriend.  The One Love Foundation was founded when Yeardley's family came to realize that her death could have potentially been prevented with the help of bystander intervention.  In this workshop, we will watch a 30-minute film concluded with a discussion about identifying healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, how to communicate and support your friend, how to reach out for help, how to create a safety plan and much more.  Did you know the most dangerous time in a relationship is immediately after the break-up?  Don't be intimidated by the 90-minute time frame, it will fly by, so join us for One Love!

Sexual Health

Who Wants to be a Sexpert?
Here's your chance to match your Sextelligence against your club members, suitemates, and classmates! Based on the game "Jeopardy," this workshop lets you pick categories such as "What is this?" or "How do I get rid of this?" You will have fun learning about safe sex practices, STI symptoms, how STI's are spread and more!

Stress Management

Stretching out your Stress
The train delay the morning of your exam, computer problems the night before a big paper is due, the roommates who expect you to clean up after them. We all deal with stress every day. In this unique workshop, the focus is more on doing and less on lecture. You get to use relaxation techniques such as: deep breathing, imagery, stretching, and meditation. "Relaxed" and "calm" are the words used by students to describe how they feel after this workshop.

Study Smart, Study Less
Do you feel like you study hard but get to the test and realize you didn’t study enough? This class explores learning styles that will help you pinpoint which way is the best way for you to study. Once you know, you will be able to study smart, study less! Who really wants to be trapped inside studying for hours? Instead, learn how to maximize your studying and enjoy more of your personal life!

Work & life Balance
Work and life, is there a difference between the two? Most people answer “no!” but they should be answering “yes!”.  Come to this interactive class and learn how to take control over your personal life again! This workshop will discuss strategies and techniques on how to take back your free time! Learn the difference between the roles you play at work, home, and other places and how important it can be to keep them all separate!

For many of us, stress is manifested through tight muscles and pain in the neck, shoulders, and back.  Our whole body can feel achy and tense at the end of day. If you looking for a simple but effective way to manage some of the physical effects of stress look no further. This workshop focuses on slow gentle stretches that help to unwind muscular knots and improve circulation. Stretches will occur while participates are seated or standing. Streetwear is appropriate during this session and all fitness levels are welcome.

Responsible Drinking

Keg of Knowledge
Don’t just drink out of the keg, impress your friends with your keg of knowledge! This hands-on workshop is purposefully designed with information that will equip you with the knowledge of safe drinking practices. Participants will get to play the fast-paced game of “slamming shots” (and no, its not with alcohol).  Learn how to drink with all of the fun and none of the hazards!

Overall Well-being

Killer Chemicals
Most of us know the hazards of items such as gas, bleach, and other powerful cleaning products but do you know about all of the “killer chemicals” in your everyday life that you use and think are perfectly safe? Did you know that make-up has chemicals? Did you know that the same aluminum that you use to wrap up your food is in most deodorants?

Look Great at 88
This fun and interactive workshop give you the chance to play brain games, stretch your eye muscles and learn how to manage the aging of major body parts, such as the brain, heart, bones, eyes, skin, and hair. You will learn which conditions of aging are not “inevitable” but manageable through natural options and life choices.  No matter your age, it is never too early or late to take charge of your health!

Think Pink
It's important for everyone to understand the risk factors associated with breast cancer but even more important to know the steps that you can take to improve your breast health. This workshop will give you a basic understanding of how nutrition, exercise, and stress management play a significant role in supporting breast health. Participants will learn the proper technique of a self-breast examination and get to feel actual "lumps" in breast models.