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Workshops Offered

Thank you for your interest in our Wellness Center workshops!  We primarily serve UIC student organizations, faculty, or staff who are instructors. Please read below for important information to know about workshop guidelines. To request a workshop please fill out our Request a Workshop form (link below).




  • Audience: Registered UIC students
  • A reserved room/classroom (quiet with no through traffic) [Not required if the workshop will be offered via Zoom]
  • A dedicated audience of UIC students (students who are regularly convened to attend an organizational meeting or class session)
  • Required audience size: 10-12 students or more
  • Technology in the room: laptop, screen, data projector, and USB adaptor or computer with USB port
  • Zoom recordings or slide sharing will not be permitted ( a post-workshop summary page will be shared with requestor/attendees)

**Currently all workshops are 45-50 minutes long and are available in-person or Zoom (Zoom is preferred)**



Street Safety for the Urban Explorer

This workshop teaches you how to stay safe in the Big City. Participants will learn how to recognize and avoid opportunistic crimes. Using demonstrations and easy safety strategies, you’ll discover how to maximize your personal safety.


Conquering Conflict

Conflict, a natural part of life, can occur at any time and in any professional or personal relationships.  Successfully managing a conflict starts with understanding how you react in these tense situations.  Workshop participants will identify their “hot buttons, be introduced to the Five Styles of Conflict Resolution, learn how to stay in control during a conflict, and gain communication tools and insight to successfully navigate conflict.

Healthy Relationships

Respectful Love: What Does it Look Like?

Do you know when you are in a healthy or unhealthy relationship? What does that feel like?  What should your partner/friend be doing or not doing?  Get the answer to these and other critical relationship questions.  This workshop looks at the areas of boundaries, trust, healthy behavior, communication, and sex. Walk-in wondering and walk-out knowing.

Sexual Health


There are a lot of different STIs and STDs out there.  Do you know what they are and how to protect yourself or your partner?  This workshop clears up a lot of MYTH"S and gives you a lot of FACTS.  Remember: Sex, without mutual and freely given consent, is rape.

Stress Management

Stretching Out Your Stress

The train delay the morning of your exam, computer problems the night before a big paper is due, the roommates who expect you to clean up after them. We all deal with stress every day. In this unique workshop, the focus is more on doing and less on lecture. Participants will get to use relaxation techniques such as: deep breathing, stretching, imagery, and meditation. "Relaxed" and "calm" are the words used by students to describe how they feel after this workshop.

Minimizing Stress, Maximizing Learning

Stress we all go through it! In this unique session, we will show you how stress can negatively affect your grades and your ability to learn. It will give you the knowledge and tools needed to manage stress and maximize your learning such as creating a study space, the importance of remaining calm during exams, and unhealthy habits to avoid.

Study Smart

This session explores how humans learn. Participants will be introduced to the 7 styles of learning, unproductive study habits, and how stress negatively affects learning. If you feel like you studied hard but get to the test and realize you didn’t study enough then this workshop is for you! Once you know, you will be able to study more effectively!

Time Management for the Busy Student

Are you in control of your time and tasks, or do you feel your tasks are in control of you? Come to this workshop to learn how to use time effectively and efficiently. In this short but fun workshop, you'll learn the obstacles of time management, why we procrastinate, how to get organized and healthy skills and habits to manage productivity and stress.

101 - Self-Care is Self-Preservation

This workshop is designated for those who are NEW to self-care and are interested in learning what it is, why it's important, and the basic pillars of self-care.  This workshop encourages attendees to spend quality time on their well-being while not feeling guilty.  Participants will be given the opportunity to explore ways to avoid burnout and identify self-care practices that work best for them.

102 - Solutions to the Top Self-care Challenges 

This workshop is for participants, already familiar with self-care, who want more strategies to overcome barriers in their self-care routine.  This presentation offers participants the top ten most common self-care challenges, discusses the health risks behind these challenges and offers simple ways to overcome these challenges.  Topics include: insomnia, stress, snacks, fatigue, eyestrain, exercise, hydration, and more.

103 - Stressed? It's Not Your Fault! Learn Why and How to Manage It

This workshop is for audiences who are already familiar with the concept of self-care and why it's important to practice. This presentation looks at stress from a variety of different angles, including how our brain functions, Imposter Syndrome, and how stress negatively affects our health and thinking.  Participants will learn multiple self-care solutions that directly reduce or help to manage the stress of life.

Imposter Syndrome: Through a Different Lens

This workshop will explore Imposter Experience through the individual, and include the effect of systems on how they make individuals feel. This workshop will also explore how Imposter Syndrome makes us feel, how it gets in our way for continued achievement, and active ways to manage it. Open dialogue will be encouraged throughout this workshop.

Responsible Drinking

Keg of Knowledge

Don’t just drink out of the keg, impress your friends with your keg of knowledge! This hands-on workshop is purposefully designed with information that will equip you with the knowledge of safe drinking practices. Participants will get to play the fast-paced game of “slamming shots” (and no, its not with alcohol).  Learn how to drink with all of the fun and manage the risk!

Overall Well-being

Think Pink

It’s important for everyone to understand the risk factors associated with breast cancer but even more important to know the steps that you can take to improve your breast health. This workshop will give you a basic understanding of how nutrition, exercise, and stress management play a significant role in supporting breast health. Participants will learn the proper technique of a self-breast examination and get to feel actual “lumps” in breast models.


**Currently all workshops are 45-50 minutes long and are available in-person or Zoom (Zoom is preferred)**