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Drinking Responsibly


Born after January 28, 1999? No Drink for YOU! Heading link

Okay, let’s be honest. Alcohol is a form of socializing with others. With classes and work being majority online, we have lost the sense of social interactions with friends and family in a fun upbeat setting. Since COVID-19, more and more people are aiming for that beer despite the Chicago 9 pm curfew. Likewise, in a recent study done by, the American Heart Association it reports drinking purchases and consumption has increased 79% since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, as you are looking for fun things to do, remember not all events or “night in” require alcohol.

Check out a list of top non-alcoholic beverages:

Now if your birthday is Before 1999 and you are drinking here are some safety drinking tips: Heading link


*As UIC carries many students who traveled states and country lines to attend school, please make sure to follow all Illinois state and federal laws. Safety is paramount while drinking and during a pandemic.

  • Have a plan for Drinking, know your limit and count your drinks.
  • Decide BEFORE you leave how you are getting home safely.
  • Use a Designated Driver (DD)
  • Use the buddy system: Going out, bathroom and coming home.
  • Space out your drinks
  • Drink water in-between alcoholic beverages
  • Above all, NEVER Drink and Drive! There are countless ways to arrange a ride home.

Resources: Heading link

  • Check out UIC’s Alcohol and Other Drug Policy as well as UIC’s Wellness Center Safe drinking page here for more safe drinking tips:
  • CDC offers tips and healthy practices to drinking responsibly in any setting. Gives stats and benefits for spirits with of options of non-alcohol beverages.
  • Uber/Lyft: We all know about these apps: the new Taxi for the modern citizen. They can pick up and take you home safely—plus with an option of grabbing a late-night snack on the way home. (Price may vary)
  • is the leading site for current and healthy drinking practices. Empowering individuals with outlets with/without drinking. Learning how to mix and order non-alcoholic drinks. Speaking openly with friends and family about drinking in moderation.

Know your body: Your Brain on Drugs: Alcohol Heading link

How Alcohol Affects the Brain & Safe Drinking Tips | headspace Heading link