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Drive to Thrive: Benefits Of Time-Management Through the Use Of A DIY Planner

diy planner

Benefits Of Time-Management Through the Use of A DIY Planner: Heading link

Prepared by UIC Sociology 490 Interns

  • Minimizes feelings of anxiety: Filling out the planner each week gives people a sense of control over their life. By filling out the planner, people are taking charge of their life.
  • Minimizes feelings of depression: Generally speaking, people would rather do an activity that brings them joy in the current moment. Choosing to follow the planner may not bring joy per say, but it will reduce the negative emotions that one would feel if they were falling behind in class/work.
  • Allows reasonable expectations to be set for oneself: Long “to-do lists” may be overwhelming and completing these tasks in a timely manner can be difficult. However, when the planner is filled out, the work will be spaced out over the course of the week, it will be ensured that reasonable expectations have been set and burnouts will be avoided.

Tips and Tricks to Time Management:

  • Start your day early
  • Work on one thing at a time
  • Divide up your tasks
  • Keep distractions away
  • Get enough sleep
  • Practice eating healthy
  • Do not procrastinate!

To see more benefits and how to make a planner at home visit the link below. 

Drive to Thrive: DIY Weekly Planner