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Drive to Thrive: DIY Fidget Accessory


Prepared by Sociology 490 Interns


What are beaded fidget accessories?

  • It is a string with beads to help those who like tactile items to touch/play/fidget with. Using your hands or fingers, the beads can be moved up & down, spun around the string, etc. It all depends on how you make it & the purpose you want to give it.


The Benefits of Beaded Fidgets

  • It can help one relax/destress
  • It can help manage any feelings of anxiety​​
  • It can help stimulate parts of the brain involving attention
  • It can help find comfort in repetitive actions


Purpose of the beaded fidget accessory:

  • It can be used for one of the benefits above
  • It can be used as a way of prayer, wish, or feeling


The color of the beads can have different meanings:

  • Red = confidence; Orange = happiness; Yellow = knowledge; Green = health; Blue = loyalty; Purple = power; Pink = friendship

Check out the PowerPoint for more colors and meanings!