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Drive to Thrive: Gratitude Jars


Benefits Of A Gratitude Jar Heading link

Prepared by UIC Sociology 490 Interns

Creating a More Positive Memory Recall

-By writing on each individual slip of paper what one is grateful for or what one loves, it is reinforcing a mindset of positivity. This task introduces a change of personality and to become more optimistic.

Strengthens Positive Emotions

-When reflecting on what one is writing, it opens up one’s feeling of being vulnerable. This also creates a chance for one to feel empathy to others emotions as well

Reduces The Feeling of Envy

Focusing on what one is grateful for instead of what one may not have reduces any feelings of anger, jealousy, or sadness one might have towards someone else. It contributes to increasing one’s self-esteem.


To read more tips and instructions on how to DIY gratitude jar, please look at the link below!

Drive to Thrive: DIY Gratitude Jars