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Drive to Thrive: Study Tips


Prepared by Sociology 490 Interns

Study Tips for Finals Week:

  • Develop a study schedule and routine
  • Do not skim your readings or cram the information
  • 3R Technique: Read, Recite, Review
  • Quiz yourself (notecards, quizlet, etc.)
  • Form a study group


Balance Studying and Self-Care:

  • Set realistic daily/weekly goals
  • Try to take time to move/exercise each day
  • Try to nourish your body and brain with healthy food and water
  • Stay organized: Clear your mind and study space!
  • Try to ignore negative self talk
  • Listen to music, podcasts, TedTalks that put you in a positive mood
  • For more information on self-care during finals week:


Test Anxiety? Try this Anxiety Control Method:

  1. Close your eyes
  2. Breathe in slowly to the count of seven and exhale to the count of seven
  3. Continue this slow breathing until you actually feel your body begin to relax
  4. Open your eyes and give yourself a positive, very specific self-talk


For more information and tips visit the PowerPoint below!