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Staying Fit at Home


What are some exercises I can do if I live on the 2nd floor of an apartment building where I can’t make too much noise like jumping?

Don’t worry whether you are trying to implement a new fitness routine or trying to continue one at home we have gathered a few workout resources just for you! (Jumping is an option)

First of all, please know a lot of gyms have implemented guided exercise virtual live programs so that you can continue working out from home! (If you don’t like to create your own exercise routine and want to follow professionals teaching and motivating you, this is the route to take!)

Tip: Follow different workout/ fitness platforms via Instagram for they share workouts live or in their stories!

  • Campus Recreation: Has worked very hard to provide you with scheduled “drop-in fitness” classes for you to do at home! (Join in through Zoom for yoga, HIIT workouts, BollyX dancing, bodyweight exercises, and much more) They even archive their workouts for you to watch and follow later Link here:
    • Check out the link below in “Resources” for more shared online platforms such as apps to specific exercise goals etc, created by Campus Recreation.
  • Life Fitness: Gives you online workout videos with proper alignment and safety instructions to stay safe, which is VERY important when working out! 

However, if that’s not your thing! Here are some free apps and workouts you can do at your own pace and at your own time! (Workout exercises  are created for you!)

  • Nike Training Club App: Nominated as a top favorite by a few Wellness Staff, this app teaches you bodyweight workouts and other workouts for all fitness levels.
  • Seven App: This is a good app for those who are crunched in time but want a guided workout. 7 minutes may not seem like a lot, but if you give it your all, you’ll feel the burn!
  • Fitbod App: (For IOS only) is a personal favorite app that gives you full-body workouts with videos! You can choose your gym equipment to be “bodyweight only,” and it creates a whole workout for you for however long your desired time is. If you decide to subscribe for the yearly subscription, you can get a “recovered muscle” group to show you what part of your body is ready for a workout and which one may need a little rest.

Workout tips:

  • Create goals for yourself! (How many times do you want to work out in a given week? How long? What kind of workouts do you want to do? (Strength training? Cardio?)
  • Create a workout area space and schedule times/ a routine every week to help keep your goals.
  • Listen to your body! (What does and doesn’t feel right? Is there pain?)
  • Write down what your training looks like! This will help you achieve your goals and help you not waste time trying to figure out what you’re going to do. (Create a list of workout modification or levels of intensity)
  • Don’t have equipment? (Do bodyweight workouts or improvise. Grab a water bottle when doing squats to add some weight or grab that big Psychology book. Make your own weight by grabbing any small weighted things you can find around the house).
  • Stay hydrated throughout your work out!
  • Remember:  The main goal is just to move and be healthy NOT to obtain the “perfect body!”
  • You are BEAUTIFUL! Society’s beauty standards DO NOT define your beauty!



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