How to Navigate Online Classes


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Due to the rapid change of switching from regular in-person to online classes, we wanted to put together helpful tips to navigate e-classes! A majority of you are dipping your toes into a new world that you may not be used to, so we want to share with you tips and resources on how to finish your semester strong!

To help you during these stressful times, we did the research for you, so you don’t have to!

Before we go into the tips, we want to remind notify you of UIC’s Spring 2020 Undergraduate Grading Policy, which was sent in an email yesterday(03/29).  Take a look at the link here:

We are here to support you! We believe in you flames! 🔥🔥🔥❤️💙❤️💙

  • Create a morning and study routine that you follow every day! Get up every morning, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, make your bed. Practice this so you can train your brain to be on “work mode.”
  • Take your online courses seriously. Hold yourself accountable to watch lectures, read all the material, and finish assignments on time.
  • Stay motivated by participating in online classes as much as possible. Taking online courses makes it hard to stay focused and motivated; thus, you should participate and stay engaged as much as possible.
  • Create a designated “work only” study space. Your study space should be away from your room/bed, if possible. When you are in your space, you should think of studying and being productive NOT napping or Netflix.
  • Put away all the unnecessary stimuli. That means do not do homework with Netflix in the background. Consider also putting your phone on mute or turning it off altogether as well as closing all unnecessary tabs. Tip: Download “Cold Turkey” on your laptop/computer. 
  • Ask your professor questions as soon as you have them! Similar to all of you, professors are now also expected to learn how to navigate teaching a class in a way they aren’t used to. Bear with them and understand they too might be busy so send questions and emails as soon as you have them.
  • Manage your time wisely. If possible, study and take classes in your designated study space during the time you usually would if classes were still in session. You may have to negotiate with family, friends roommates about your new “Do not disturb schedule.”
  • Create a daily “to-do list” to help you keep track of all assignments. Put it all down in writing by using a planner, post-it notes, or an online app. Be VERY detailed (E.g., Respond to 2 people’s responses in group chat. Open ____ article at 2 pm Wednesday, April 1st.)
  • Take study breaks and reward yourself with something every time you finish a big project. Rewards can be a snack, listening to your favorite song or podcast, a dance break, journaling,  a mental health break, meditation, etc.
  • Optional side tip: If money is not an issue, consider investing in blue light blocking glasses. The extra screen time may be straining on your eyes, so consider getting or borrowing blue light blocking glasses. There is also blue light blocking screen protectors for phones, tablets, and computers!

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